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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  December 15, 2011 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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that is the core of generosity when you do not have to broadcast it. but, tonight, you better get some debating on or megyn will come over and set you straight. neil cavuto now. >>neil: thank you, we indeed are five hours away from the big debate and i am happy to have one of the primary participants, and he will crisscross the state visiting 44 towns in report fashion, the go of the fine state of texas, rick perry, joining us. the debates and you, early going, not a great combination but you are feeling better now. >>guest: yeah, i say let's do a bunch more, i'll come early. >>neil: you made fun of yourself, are you more comfortable. >>guest: i am, look when you make mistakes no one is perfect and we have a great debater in the white house.
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that is not working real well for us, so i'm a doer, and i have an ad on here in iowa talking about i'm not a talker but a doer talking about a million jobs we created in the state of texas and keeping our taxes low and our regulatory climate fair and predictable and we the 13th largest economy in the world if we were stand alobby entity and the reason i called for. congress has to be up there all the time. no, they don't in our state we work for 140 days every other year, we have a balanced budget amendment and our legislators have real jobs living with the citizens they represent, and --. >>neil: how were more part time could congress be? >>guest: well, cut their pay, that will keep them out town. let they work in the economy, live under the laws they live in, and i will suggest to you,
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along with a balanced budget amendment to the united states constitution, those two things would do more for overhaul washington, dc, than anything i have heard anyone talking about. >>neil: you have argued that you have to make your stake in iowa and your ads are everywhere, and i mean everywhere, you have more ads than any other candidates. >>guest: i may, i am introducing myself to the people of iowa and i want them to be help introduced to me as straightforward as i can with as much few materials as possible, and when way is did have the ads up, and, so, you bet. >>neil: do you is to fish first, second or third? >>guest: that is the goal. >>neil: if you are fourth? >>guest: you will see me still in new hampshire and florida and georgia. winning iowa is a help to anyone. think of mike huckabee back in
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2008 and that pulled him up. he was not the nominee but the fact is you want to win here. you don't have to. but we do, i think, have a good showing here. >>neil: what is it with the polls where they change so incredibly, large swings, 10 or 15 points? the latest poll has governor romney leading, and just pick a candidate. pick a date. >>guest: it is pretty fascinating. i don't pay a lot of attention to the polls, the 44 city tour we are in the midst of right now, those are the people, those are --. >>neil: over how many days? >>guest: we go home the 22nd and back the 27th and stay through the 3rd of january. >>neil: those who is done, you know, the meet and greet and go through the counties like michele bachmann and risk an -- rick santorum he has done it twice and they are not regular stepping. >>guest: no it is not a waste.
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when rick and michele bachmann and i respect them for the amount time they have stayed on the ground in iowa, but, last march, april, may, people were not paying attention to the caucuses. they are now. as we roll into laces, good crowds, exciting crowds, obviously, the national media is following us, so, i happen to think it is a very good use of time, plus, people of iowa are no different than new hampshire or south carolina, they want to touch you feel you and sniff on you. >>neil: they do, they do, they do this year more than other years. what do you thing, governor, will close the deal or you hope will close the deal? you said the nation's longest serving governor and you have credited a lot jobs and you have a power will record in that regard but somehow it is not getting you over the finish line. >>guest: they are looking for the outsider. truly, the --. >>neil: how can you be an outsider? >>guest: an outsider from
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washington, dc, are you kidding. there isn't anyone more than an outsider than i am. there is congressman, congresswomen, former speaker, wall streeter, i can diagram the program. >>neil: so you thing those guys are the problem. >>guest: a straight line. >>neil: but you would support any of them? >>guest: absolutely. anyone that gets our nomination i will be happy with, hands down, this country is in trouble, and any of the individuals sitting on that stage, i can criticize each of them on particular areas but i will be winning, so i will be supporting our nominee. >>neil: there are a lot of ways to look at the economy, but the administration we have everused this phrase, but the administration saying the trend is our friend, numbers are picking up not dramatically but enough that this pace were to main attend itself for another ten or 11 months, that will be the wind at their back and the
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president will be re-elected. what do you say? >>guest: $15 trillion in debt and we have 13 million plus out work, and 43 million people on food stamps. that not a record to run for re-election but a record to runaway from. and, i would suggest to you that is what he doing. he is trying to find a lot of other things to talk about. don't pay any attention to the man behind the curtain over there, all those people out of work. and, frankly, those numbers, those unemployment numbers that are going down is because people have given up. they quit trying. >>neil: the latest numbers 300,000 have taken themselves out of the we workforce. sheriff joe arpaio did not back you and now there is a concern that the feds are closing in on him and they don't like the tactics rounding up the illegals, so, could that turn against you? >>guest: well, i don't know what the details are but i know
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this: nothing surprises me out of this administration. this administration --. >>neil: you think the crackdown on the sheriff is political? >>guest: i would suggest these people are out after sheriff joe. he is tough. and, again, when i'm the president of the united states you are not going to see me going after states like arizona or alabama. suing sovereign states for making decisions particularly because the federal government has been an abject failure, and the president had the nerve to go to el paso last year and declare that it was the safest it has ever been. you got hezbollah, hamas, they are organizing, and the iranian works with the cartels, and we have the largest iranian embassy in the world in venezuela and a marxist as a president of bolivia, it is time for to us have a monroe doctrine for the western hemisphere again to protect ourselves against all of these countries that are coming in, trying to use bases ofation
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just like we did with cuba. >>neil: but if you were president there is the risk always that it is 50 governors do what you recommend you have a country with 50 different healths of states. >>guest: we have a constitution, the constitution clearly names the powers and we need to get back to that. the states will compete against each other and they should. on the job sighted, texas has been quite competitive, and people continue to move the state texas. two more california companies announced they are relocating their headquarters to texas. that is how it should be. if you are overtaxed, you are overregulated, the illinois legislature just moved to give $100 million worth of tax breaks to cme and to sears holding not because they wanted to but because we were up there knocking on the door saying come on down to texas and we will not
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overtax you. >>neil: they will have your picture at the post office. >>guest: that is how they ought to be. let the states compete against each other. >>neil: thank you very were, governor rick perry from the fine state of texas. do not forget the debate come up to less than five hours from now, and the governor will be joined by his big challengers and this is the last send off. ahead the big vote if less than three weeks away. there is something else that is happening that could take effect a little more than 24 hours later a possible government shut down as the governor's point out the mockery of that in washington that has promised all the interests in changing things this washington, and maybe on both sides of the aisle. we have someone who has been looking at this and it is not just a one-party issue, democrat from south carolina has been trying to put together a deal to avoid just that but it is looking, congressman, like an uphill battle. where does it stand?
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>>guest: well, it is an uphill battle but i really hold out hope that we will avoid a shutdown but let me say before i get into too many more of your questions how pleased i am to see things coming to a close in iraq and i want to say to all your listeners, having been around at the end our adventure in vietnam i would hope that as our men and women come back from iraq, many of them will be coming from administration, as well, all of us will extend ourselves to them and make sure that they get back into their homes, back into their jobs, and make sure this is the best christmas they have ever had. >>neil: but what is year,
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congressman, a lost these soldiers coming home could be coming home to a government that is shut down. i know you say it is unlikely, but, what would make it unlikely, then? where are you close to sealing the deal? you have little more than 24 or 48 hours to do it. >>guest: that is right. and that is why it is so important for us to get this thing done. unemployment insurance, that is something that needs to be extended we because many of the people who are benefited, are looking forward to the unemployment insurance are family members of some of those people who are coming back home. income i have talked to --. >>neil: no doubt about this. but what makes you thing that it will get done? what compromises made on your side or the republican side to seal a deal? >>guest: i think that those are the reasons.
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i think that people recognize we have to get into a compromise to get this done. i don't know but i would like to negotiate all of that here on the air but just let it be said, the fact of the matter is we are close to getting something done. it may not be what i want but i think that, i don't think the government will shut down. i think that everyone will go home for the holidays and i think that there could be some work for us to do when we get back here in january. >>neil: all right but the president, i think air force one, the jet engine is on and ready to go to honolulu, he can go ahead? >>guest: i don't know about that. i think he is prepared to stay here. he has made it clear he is not willing --. >>neil: but you said it won't be necessary? >>guest: i don't think it will be necessary.
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>>neil: i bet you $10,000 it won't happen. kidding. kidding. kidding. >>guest: how about den? >>neil: okay, always good to have you, have a marry christmas. >>guest: look forward to seeing you after the new year. >>neil: thank you, sir. in the meantime a lot more coming up. urururney across amer,
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>>neil: this is the scene in sioux city, iowa, the debate. they just said the debate is
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tonight. tonight. tonight? go to know. this is my first presidential debate. i know from my all my guests they are veterans. so i will be doing the ralph cranden thing, but they will fine. the veteran of just about small to medium to large group, talked to his dad last night, ambassador to china. >>guest: do you have anxiety? or are you okay? >>neil: yes, i do. governor i noticed a pleasant exchange between you and rick perry, it is weird when i see that, you are competing for the highest office in the land and you don't hate each other. >>guest: no you disagree on issues from time to time but underlike that people of the country and anyone who is willing to endure this trail and run around with a target on
4:18 pm
their back with their families you have high risk for. i have to say i respectivery -- i respectivery person in this race. there could be sharp edges but this is admiration at the end of the day. >>neil: i would be enemies for life. but that is just me. let me ask you, quickly, about not so much this because i don't think you marshaled your resources but you are in new hampshire and the polls showing you gaining traction. do you have to place first, second or third in new hampshire. >>guest: we have come up in all the polling including in iowa and we are not competing in iowa we are two points behind michele bachmann so, all the polls are kind of adjusting based on --. >>neil: they are adjusting a
4:19 pm
lot. what do you maybe of that? s we are get closer to decision day. >>neil: ever seen so many undecided? >>guest: that is typical. they do not coalesce around the candidate until a week or ten days out. so you have the pre-primary season, and the silly season and then the serious months of the pry hear and you get weeks down to where the vote is cast and people take it seriously. they enjoy the theater and the show business but something strikes them and that is, i have to cast a vote, i actually have to find someone who can be president of the united states of america. who can do the work. would has the background, temperament and aptitude and the worldview to make it happen during this time of need. >>neil: i get a sense from gary johnson who feels like odd man out and he cannot get invited to debates including this one, governor of new mexico
4:20 pm
and he could run as an independent and we hear it again and again and again. can you say unequivocally, governor, you would never run as an independent? >>guest: i am not running as an independent but running as a republican. >>neil: if that doesn't work out? >>guest: well, there will not be failure on our part. we are going to prove that point in new hampshire. >>neil: but what gary johnson was saying i think, the conservative elements of the party have taken over the we party, the tea party has taken over the party and given a strict litmus test and guys like him may not cut it and guys like you don't cut it. with that group, what do you thick of that? >>guest: well, it is nonsense, from our standpoint, lock at -- look at my record and you have folks looking at the record the first time. they glossed over us early, and now they saying, well, we looked
4:21 pm
at the candidates and we have not found the person that can beat rebound and they looking at my record and see i come from a very conservative background as go of utah and they like what they see. they are giving us another look. >>neil: governor, thank you very much. herman cain is next. [ dr. banholzer ] every once in awhile there's a moment where everything comes together. where there's magic. and you now understand what nature's been hiding. ♪ at dow we understand the difference
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>>neil: this is my first presidential debate and wouldn't you know a guy i used to talk to all the time isn't here. i'm talking herman cain, the former presidential candidate, safely in atlanta, and to show you the type of guy he is we order add car for herman and never showed up so, you know what the almost president of the united states did? he hopped in a car himself and
4:25 pm
drove to the location. and he just sent us a huge bill for it. anyway, herman cain, good to see you. >>guest: good to see you i am sorry i will not be there as you are a moderator. i think you avoided me throughout the first debate. >>neil: we kid, herman, but, you know, you did galvanize the debate and you made them fun and interesting, with your 9-9-9 and you open up a big debate about our tax code, something that the other candidates had not been able do do before or since. do you miss that? >>guest: that is the bitter part of this whole process, bitter part is that i'm not this to continue to push the envelope and to push what we need to do. how we need to do it. everyone on that stage talk about what we need to do. we need energy independence. i have been talking about how we do it. we need tax reform. i've been talking about how we
4:26 pm
do it. and so for on all the other major issues. so that part is the bitter part of not forcing that. but the sweet part is that under the circumstances i am glad that the constant respinning of the false accusations do not continue to hurt my wife, my family, and i, and, so, family first as you know. i will miss being there, mixing its up with the other candidates and answer the tough questions from the moderators. >>neil: you and your wife, how are you doing? >>guest: we are doing great, thank you. we are doing great. and i am if retrospect why have any regrets about the decision i had to make and i want to encourage all my supporters stay tuned. that's been my message. as i indicate add couple of weeks ago, there is a plan (b) and i became the voice of a lot of people who didn't feel as if they were being represented in this race.
4:27 pm
well, this voice is not going to go away. so i want do encourage all of my supporters, stay tuned. >>neil: what does that mean, herman? does that mean a third party run? what does it mean? >>guest: no, no, no, no, nothing like that. it doesn't mean an independent run or a third-party run but it simply means that i'm going to continue to promote and public and galvanize people around solutions because that is what i'm all about and that has been the central core when i was a candidate so i'm just saying stay tuned they will be hearing more about the solutions. >>neil: you would not necessarily have a choice but if a republican were to get elected president, i am sure you would be among the small group of folks considered for cabinet positions. if you had your wish list what would it be? >>guest: my first choice is, if it were the right person, and a republican got elected president, my first choice would
4:28 pm
be the department of defense. that might surprise some people but here is why: remember one of my philosophies was peace through strength and clarity. strength means military strength. economic strength. and moral veteran i happen to believe that our military has been cut too much. i happen to believe that we are losing our superiority. and i want to be in a position to help reverse that as an influence on whoever is president. secondly, we owe it to our men and women in uniform who have been fight wars for us, to give them the very best investment in technology and resources. i hear way too many stories about how our men and women in uniform do not have the tools they need to do their job. and they, harrison is to win for america, so, that's why i believe i can great this leadership, i can bring some priorities and i can bring some attention to rebuilding our military the way it really ought to be done.
4:29 pm
>>neil: that surprises me, herman, no offense to you, you were strong on economic matters and debate, but not so strong on the foreign policy ones in countries in the middle east that came up so that would surprise me. you are well suited for treasury, but, why, why, why go outside that safety zone? >>guest: well, it's not if you look at it from the standpoint of playing to my strength, leadership. and, remember, my concept of leadership starts with working on the right problems. of signing the right priorities and vowing yourself with good people. this president doesn't listen to the commanders in the field. we have great commanders in the field. >>neil: what do you thing of the commanders in the field draw down out of iraq now, our slow goodbye to iraq? >>guest: the commanders in the field did not support the
4:30 pm
decision the president made. i don't agree with draw down the troops because my biggest fear and the fear of at the love -- lot of the expert there will be a power vacuum and that will be filled by an element coming out of iran based upon the way, the sectarian, the way the country is set up. so, why believe that those commanders do believe in that strategy, they are simply being good soldiers, and this was a decision made by the president of the united states and a lot of people don't agree with it. i think it is very dangerous. >>neil: is your favorite candidate remaining newt gingrich? >>guest: i have a lot respect for several of the candidates. i have not made an endorsement and i'm not going to make an endorsement right now. >>neil: when will you? >>guest: i cannot give you agreeing news. i have not set a timeframe. i have a process i'm going through. and i have not completed the process before i decide what it
4:31 pm
is i might do in the future. as i said to all of my supporters and the would be supporters, stay tuned. plan becomes is just around the corner. >>neil: we are not paying that limo fee. >>guest: i'm sending you the bill and it will be more than what you would have paid naturally. >>neil: i am sure it will be. all right, mr. 9-9-9 thank you very much. my best to you.
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is your cholesterol where your doctor wants? ask your doctor if crestor is right for you. [ female announcer ] if you can't afford your medication, astra zeneca may be able to help. >>neil: we are in sioux city, iowa, and it is really cold. but later on we will be back outside. they like to tease me. 4 1/2 hours away from start of the debate. a lot people are saying, how do you feel for the first presidential debated. are you excited this debate?
4:36 pm
yes, i am. and my next guest says many candidates could play a pivotal role. and hadn'ts man was here a few minutes ago, and a rising star would make a perfect running make but it is tacky to get into such discussions off the bat so i will save that for, well, maybe my third question. governor how do you think this bunch is looking? they keep changing the lead by the hour. what does that say about mood of iowans or, nationally, among republicans? >>guest: well, neil, thanks for not being tacky and greet evening from sunny virginia. i think it says that there are two competing motivations. who do the voters think is the most principled conservative candidate that reflects their values? and number two, who is the best
4:37 pm
to defeat president obama so those are not the same. romney meet as little of both those tests and you have others that have come up and down. ultimately though in iowa as you have seen out there, money and organization make a huge difference because it is not just about how you do in the debates but who can get the voters out on a cold day in january in iowa. >>neil: everyone has, the major candidate whose have been with you and you have been hospitable to all, any favorite? >>guest: well, i am a little bias but when i look at failure of leadership in washington and the fact that we don't have a prosecute that know how to balance the budget and create jobs we need the best candidate would be a governor so i have been partial to my friends who are governors, current and former, but, look, i think that virtually --. >>neil: does that mean not a former speaker? not a foam speaker? >>guest: i said the "best."
4:38 pm
i have gotten to know newt the last couple of years, he is an incredible idea guy but balancing budgets and making tough decisions on spending that is what governors do, republican governors do that around the country, that is why i may the comment but i am waiting to get a nominee so i can get to work. >>neil: you are proposing a 3 percent bonus for state employees in december of 2012. tell us about that. because that would fly in the face of all the cutbacks we hear going on and everything else. what are you doing? what are you proposing? >>guest: well, it is actually adopting some of the common sense incentive driven private sector initiatives and bringing them to state government. it is not a giveaway but a bonus if the state employees save enough money, next, twice as were, to pay for the bonus. here is the deal, we want people to not do what governments do,
4:39 pm
and that is engage in spending tree at end of the fiscal year. i want to knock that off. if they do that and save the money, about what of the money will go to a bonus. we did it two years ago in 2012, and saved $175 million at the end of year and paid out $80 million in bonus. that is what private sector does well and it will work this well. i toll the state employees about it an hour ago and it was well received. >>neil: like a 5050/50 church raffle? >>guest: well, this is a way to do it to save money, and people will, i believe, will rise up and find ways to do more with less and be creative and save us money. it is a doctor deal. >>neil: if to see you, governor. >>guest: go luck at the debate. >>neil: thank, governor, republican of the fine state of virginia and of course, this is the scene here in sioux city,
4:40 pm
iowa, the last powwow of the major candidates before iowans vote if less than three weeks. that is the stage. we will be opposite them. and i will be next with chris wallace i got the shorter end of the straw but that is okay, chris and i have been fast friends and he is a giant in the media world. so he tells me. we are looking forward to it. feel the power my young friend. mmm! [ male announcer ] for unsurpassed fru and veggie nutrition... v8 v-fusion. could've had a v8.
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order now and also get this document shredder to keep your documents out of the wrong hands-- a $29 value, free. call or go online now. [♪...] [lock clicks] >>neil: if you really into just political superstars, it is surreal when see all the major candidates, governor rick perry, bumping into governor huntsman and all these guys and i know it is not like the golden globes but for in other nerds like me s pretty cool. for bret baier you get almost
4:44 pm
blai such e. you have been beyond patient. i didn't rely the microphones were on. that is a good thing to warn me about. you have done this a number of times, half a dozen times. what do you look for? this is the last one before the vote? do they take on any added importance? >>guest: well the tension is palpable because we are wait dog hear your questions. first. seriously, i think this is a different ballgame. because it is the final debate when all the candidates are on the stage together before the iowa caucus, and they have to make the closing arts and there are certain candidates who need to use this time really effectively to move the needle in the department days last before, or less, before the iowa caucus. >>neil: but, one thing, you have followed this more closely than i do but the loads change
4:45 pm
remarkably -- the leads change remarkably, gingrich was on fire and now under considerable heat, who, who, who is on top? >>guest: clearly, ron paul has made an organizational stand in iowa and he is very organized. he is very, he is moving the needle in polls. he is either one, two, or he. and one looks for him to finish well. the question of gingrich is whether all the negative ads that have been run not only by ron paul but others, will have an effect. and will drop him down. he is not as organized as mitt romney or ron paul and that's the biggest question going into tonight. if gingrich has another big night like he has in previous debates maybe he holds off some of the attack but there are other candidates gaining steam. you talk to governor perry and
4:46 pm
member might -- and maybe michee bachmann is moving. >>neil: do they get any bang for their buck with michele bachmann visiting 99 counties but it must kill them when they do not see a pop not polls. us historically it matters, historically. but is this year traditional? i don't know. every poll we look at, to thirds of the light lick caucus goers who will show up in the cold, to the fire house, with the school, and caucus, two thirds of them say they have not made up their mine and they will likely make it up in the last seven days best caucus. if you are in the living room it makes a difference in retail politics. >>neil: so megyn and chris wallace, who is most likely to try to steal my goals' futures question? >>guest: i like the credit
4:47 pm
swap. >>neil: megyn is all over that. >>bret: we will have fun. >>neil: he has been so kind and patience, don't worry about it and he says yours is the seat that is electrified and he leaves the room. when we come back, thank you my friend, course he will be emceeing this tonight, and in the meantime we want do let we know about a 1,200-page bill that is coming together. in the house of representatives. the democrats din put that together. the republicans did. i have a feel that will come up in the debate. is either side getting its act together at all? .
4:48 pm
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>>neil: they never told me there would be a live studio audience. bret baier i am going to track you down, in sioux city they will have 1,800 fill up the room, a loyal and partisan crowd. this is a big on for sioux city and they are enjoying every minute as we will, tonight, more than four hours from now. with all of this comes at a time there is concern of a shutdown in washington, and boat parties are getting the blame, and to add insult to energy concerns that republicans are bopping it big time introduce an omnibus bill that is huge, the shear number of pages. house budget competent paul ryan referring to it earlier today as "a travesty," most people will vote on stuff they have nod why what is if here. this is not good. a man who shares that view is
4:52 pm
senator rand paul. you would think republicans would be especially cognizant of the thickness of bills. right? >>guest: when i ran for office i said we should wait one day for every 20 pages. so if this is going to be 1,000 payments we should wait and read it over 50 days. to they plop this on our deck tonight i can't vote for anything that i don't have time to look at and cannottancely say, what if there is a provision if there that says something horrible like we could detain a u.s. citizen without a trial? so i can't vote for something that is a bill that large without time to look at it. >>neil: by the way, others do it and pass it all time so you may want to get with the program. it is kind of sad, i wonder if republicans will find that the voters can be prone to show their wrath with them as with the democrats and that everyone who assumes that republicans are going to do well next year based
4:53 pm
on this rages, forget the rage is directed at them, as well. >>guest: what peoples when they show 9 percent of people approve what we are doing, it is because they don't think we are doing it in the right way or trying very hard. bill on taxes should go to the tax committee. bills on social security, bills on appropriations should go to the appropriations committee and be hashed out over weeks if not months so we can weeks and months to digest and read them. but it is not working that way and that is why i think americans are appropriated. we had a vote on the balanced budget amendment and we didn't get any democrat dozen vote for it and the democrats have not produced any weather in two years much less a balanced budget. >>neil: so, now there is this growing threat we could be facing a shutdown tomorrow night. how likely is that? >>guest: i think not that likely. i have been hearing conciliatory language from leadership in the
4:54 pm
republican and democrat party so there is a chance we will get some keep of deal done before tomorrow. >>neil: but it would be a temporary extension and then hash it out on the substance later? >>guest: it is possible they could pass an omnibus and no one knows what is in it and the other possible is a continuing resolution which will still be an enormous piece of legislation and it will tide us over for a month or two but something will get done. there is a feeling they want to get something done and i think it will be good for those who want to go home for the holidays but maybe not for the taxpayer when they discover what is in the bills. >>neil: i want to talk about your dad a second, there is growing indication he is gaining a considerable momentum in iowa and many have expressed the condition about that, saying this is in way in heck he could get the party's nomination or, say, he did, and he would almost
4:55 pm
certainly go down to defeat and it would be a bad thing. what do you thing of that kind of talk when you hear it from so many quarters, does it bother you? >>guest: there is a big ron paul surge going on, she in a tie in iowa and moving up in new hampshire but what i tell the naysayers is that interestingly when you match ron paul with president obama he does better than any other candidate insent for romney and he is pretty close to romney. the reason is ron paul gets more independent votes. she not seen as just a republican partisan. he is seen as someone who says, when we go to war we should have checks and balances. congress should vote on a declaration of war, we should not go to war under u.n. resolutions. these appeal to conservatives but to independent voters. >>neil: accept, we will watch closely. always good to chat but. have a merry christmas.
4:56 pm
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welcome back, everybody. in sioux city, iowa, where we are just about wrapping things up here. we have had a busy show. we are also doing the fox business show out of here. if you don't get fox business, what do you do? >> demand it. >> okay. we've got governor joining us, who is cit can of mitt romney's efforts are, or lack thereof in this state. tim pawlenty, harvey, the former american express ceo. when you get his view on what he thinks should be done, kids cover your ears. one hour from now on fox business network. this is the scene here. less than four hours away from the big debate and whathe


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